The Sound of Music – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

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This is the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with full orchestra being conducted by Mack Wilberg. The video was shot at temple square at The Sound of Music on Feb 3rd 2013. This song was take from the film with the same title.


Mobile Hairdressing Training

Posted on 6 of August, 2015 by in Style

The video gives a demonstration of a square layering technique – this can be easily changed into shorter lengths later by your mobile hairdresser if┬ánecessary. Note though that this is usually associated with long length hair when a slimmed down appearance is desired.

When using this technique it is important to be sure that the elevation angle is appropriate for texture of hair that is being styled, as you must achieve the proper lengths and angles for the overall shape.

Each section should be cut in small areas as this is the easiest approach when cutting longer length hair and the over direction angle should run back and be square with the head.

Also note the body position of the mobile hairdresser is very important in order to attain consistency with any hair cut and avoid cutting large amounts of hair with each section as holding too much hair can make control more difficult.

Cross checking can begin when the lengths at the back and sides have been completed. It will be necessary to dampen the hair at certain intervals to keep the tension constant throughout the process.

When both sides are finished, the hairdresser should check the lengths and weigh distribution of the hair.